About Incubators

The pirth of Saudi Incubators go is back to 2009 when the King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) represented by the Bader Technology Incubators Program established the Saudi Business Incubators Network (SBIN) as a guiding authority to assist, encourage and present best practices used for business incubators programs and in 2018 the General Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises "Monshaat" Adopted the project of developing a business incubator network and naming it (Saudi Incubators) to include business accelerators and joint workspaces in the Kingdom.

In view of the importance of this sector, Saudi incubators seek to develop the entrepreneurial system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia according to international best practices and open communication channels between its members, which contributes to the establishment of startups that are capable of providing promising investment opportunities that contribute to strengthening the path of the national economy and creating more job opportunities.
That Saudi incubators is the enabler for business incubators and accelerators and co-workspaces in the Kingdom and all relevant parties or interested in the entrepreneurial system industry through the publication, participation and applying best practices in this field.
Contributing in developing the entrepreneurial system in the Kingdom by building a reliable reference and value-added network that attracts, supports and links local, regional and international business incubators, accelerators, co-workspaces, and those interested in this field under the shadow of the general Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises.


1- Connecting the general Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises with its partners in the entrepreneurial system in the Kingdom.
2- Representing Saudi incubators in international networks, forums and conferences, and promoting them regionally and globally .
3- Sponsoring the activities of Saudi incubators members and facilitating the procedures required to ensure their success.
4- Organizing periodic meetings for members of Saudi incubators to exchange the best experiences and expertise.
5- Raising the level of awareness among the public and relevant authorities about the role and importance of business incubators.
6- Help and support the establishment of business incubators and work to continue their success.
7- Benefiting from local experiences, attracting international experiences, and setting up workshops aimed at developing and training employees of business incubators to raise their capabilities in management and operation